About us


Bubbles on the go

I am Bubbles

I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I moved to Vancouver, Canada towards the end of 2006, and fell in love with the city and its nature.
I have something to confess; I used to HATE running, and now it’s my survival.
After having a rough year in 2011, I decided to take action for a better world and do something to change the things that I wanted to be different. I wanted to inspire other people like me.
I believe ordinary but capable people have the power to make things better if they go the extra mile during their ordinary day. I am an avid animal rights activist and also a humanitarian. That’s why I started Run Bubbles Run; daring to change the world and inspiring others to do the same.
Join the club, don’t wait for others to change the world. Are you in?


Lilo likes to run

Sidekick #1

Born in August 12, 2004.
Yellow labrador retriever.
She is the flirty one. She loves everybody, especially men. She is my buddy on my easy run days – she is not a big fan of running fast. Currently she is on a diet since she turned into a little chubchub during off-season. The only other activity that she will bother participating is swimming. And she gets scared of little barky barky chihuahuas.


Vodka and her precious green crocodile

Sidekick #2

Born in August 12,2004.
Black labrador retriever with a white mark on her chest.
Vodka is the boss. Even tho she is the dominant one, her anxiety level is alway high – she is wearing her calming collar most of the time. She is an amazing runner and fetcher and swimmer. The only thing in life she loves more than peanut butter cookies is her green squeaky crocodile. It’s her precious. She joins me on my tempo runs or on my longer runs. She can be shy, but once she gets to know you, starts trusting you, she will stare at you for hours. She may even offer you her green crocodile.