07 Jul 2013

27 Days till departure

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Day 1 of 28 day running challenge.
10KM trail run with Lilo.
Finally finished my homework. I did all my research, talked to lots of people and this year I am doing something different for animal rescue efforts.
I always drop by at the local animal shelter wherever I go when I am on holidays and this year I thought I can just help by bringing as many supplies as I can to the shelters while visiting Aruba and Bonaire islands.

My plan is to raise enough funds to buy dogs/cats goodies as well as medical supplies. I will pack as much as I can carry with me. The shelters in Aruba & Bonaire are already expecting our visit and are really happy about us reaching out to help them save more lives.
I talked to our local petshop Wagababa to provide me a wholesale price for all the collars, toys, treats, dishes, beddings for cats and dogs. Also Vodka & Lilo’s vet at Yaletown Pet Hospital accepted my appeal for medical supplies such as bandages, iv lines, tick control medications…Now all I need is your help to make this happen.

This time around, the donations are not going to a charity, so I won’t be able to offer you a tax receipt, but I promise each donor a little something from the island in return. Please spare couple of minutes to check out these shelters website or like their facebook page to see the amazing work they do in these 2 little remote islands. Check out Aruba and Bonaire shelters website.

So yes, this is my plan for now. I know it’s not doing a crazy race on the mountains, and it’s not an amazing charity perse, but I feel like, I can contribute a lot as a person to these shelters with your help.
I am going to be writing everyday, and challenge myself to run a 10km everyday to prove my dedication to my cause.
I will post the details tomorrow morning, but I hope you got my back on this one.
Lots of love, catch you all tomorrow morning. xo

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