10 Jul 2013

24 Days till departure

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24 Days till departure
9pm 10km city solo run, speedwork.
Oh I was aching during my run. I had my second Level 2 Bar Method class today, and I don’t remember my muscles shaking that much ever. Even tho I rested between the class and the run, still I felt every little bit of me hurting while running. Ouchy…
Day 4 of running 10km/day for 28 days. I am sticking with it. Hopefully by the end of it, I’ll have a strong base for any winter races.

Today I am going to share some information about one of the shelters that we are raising funds for.
Aruba Animal Shelter: Aruba Animal Shelter was founded in 1986 and the mission of the shelter is to give the dogs and cats of Aruba a better life. The Shelter can place 16 adult dogs and 15 adult cats, 15 puppy’s and 5 kittens. At the veterinary clinic Wayaca these animals are dewormed, vaccinated neutered or castrated and if necessary treated for any illnesses. Dogs are also checked for bloodparasites and heart worm.

One the main focuses of the Animal Shelter is getting people to spay or neuter their animals so there won’t be so many of them out there. The animal shelter relies solely on sponsors and donations from businesses and private donors. The Aruba Animal Shelter does not get any money from the government.
So there it is. We are the private donors.
Thank you as always for your continuos support. Lots of love.

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