11 Jul 2013

23 Days till departure

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23 Days till departure.
9pm 10km trail run with Lilo. So the good thing about trail running late at night, it’s nice and cool. The bad thing about trail running late at night is BuGS BUGS BUGS! I seriously ran like a lunatic waving my hands left and right, shaking my head all around to escape the freaking bugs. I mean the scenery was just beautiful with pinkish bluish sky and city lights peaking thru the bushes… Anyway, trying to motivate myself today to stick with my 28days 10km/day challenge, I found this: 30 things you NEVER hear runners say

1. I hope there are lots of over-friendly dogs out on my run today!
2. I’m so glad I had that burger before my run
3. I wish all runs were uphill
4. My shorts are just too short (men)
5. I’m waiting for it to start raining so I can go out on my run
6. I don’t care that I didn’t get a PB – it’s all about the experience
7. I just love the muscly calves that running has given me…(women)

8. Ooh, let’s take the stairs
9. No, I couldn’t possibly manage another piece of chocolate
10. Oh I’m so glad I’m injured so I can take some time off
11. My shins never hurt
12. I find my foam roller so relaxing
13. I’m so flexible – I can touch my toes AND put my head on my knees
14. ‘Run Forrest, run!’ Bravo. What a witty and thoughtful observation
Next 15 tomorrow. Have a great night you all. xo

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