12 Jul 2013

22 Days till departure

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22 Days till departure

10km solo city run. Not knowing if I am going to have enough time before mischeif in San Francisco, I finished my run early in the morning in Vancouver. It was a good idea! First lesson learned in SF: Don't challenge any runners who train in this city. Freaking hills! Tomorrow morning I think I may need to crawl some of the streets. Anyway, as promised the 15 things that you'll never hear a runner say.

15. I’m so glad (insert rivals name here) beat me today, he/she deserved it!
16. I don’t need a new pair of trainers
17. Let’s skip running today and watch football
18. I can run in any old shoe
19. I’m not hungry
20. Lycra’s for losers

21. Running is bad for your knees
22. I love it when cars get really close to me when they go past

23. I hate my slender toned body. Now I can wear skinny jeans *sigh*

24. I always feel so depressed after a run

25. I think I will leave my watch at home today and just guess how long I’ve run for

26. I only run to keep fit for my race walking career

27. I have a mental map of all the public bathrooms within 10miles of my home (though its true…)

28. I’m looking forward to hitting the wall at mile twenty

29. I’m looking forward to mile twenty so I can take my next energy gel…yum

30. I’m one hundred percent fit for this race, my training couldn’t have gone better

Lots of love from SF. xo


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