15 Jul 2013

19 Days till departure

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19 Days till departure
So I missed a day of writing during travelling but still logged my runs. Today it was nice to be back in the wilderness of BC. Soaked up some sun, met some critters and conquered some hills.
You guys have been really quiet so I am not sure how many of you are actually reading and following. But someone told me to never give up & quit so I won’t. I will keep running my daily 10km, and write every day to try to inspire you to do something greater every day.

Motivation is a hard thing to keep. It requires a lot of discipline and support. I think I was trained to commit, and to dedicate my life to something… anything. I crave that. The support is the icing on top, is the last bit of chocolate that I cherish deeply. I have been feeling quiet lonely lately in this journey, but still not giving up on the destination.
I am quiet aware that it’s summer, and everybody have their own priorities right now. And I know it doesn’t sound as glamorous or as un-accomplished as before but this year’s fundraising project is dear to my heart…

I’ll be meeting the search dogs next Monday, and that personal touch is so priceless for me. It actually feels like stepping outside my comfort zone and doing something that I care about. Yes, challenging myself to go the distance, running an ultramarathon counts of course. But actually taking part of animal rescue personally is so precious for me. So if you are reading this, please make my night. Consider chipping in, I don’t want to visit these shelters empty handed, really need your support.
Make my day, chip in.
Lots of love, xo

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    You’re not alone Tuba, we are hear reading and following your journey – we’re just a little shy. Keep up the great work!

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