22 Jul 2013

11 Days till departure

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11 Days till depature.I wish I can explain my experience, my day today with enough words. We had an amazing drive getting to the national search dog foundation's training center here in California. We drove along the pacific coast then drove alongg this beautiful canyon drive. We arrived to the training center where they had 10 dogs they brought over for the day's training session with 3 handlers/trainers.

There was so much barking around in the begining it was actually hard to have a conversation. These doggies in training were all so excited to be there, they were just barking to be the next one in training. The first photo is Marco, he is new. He was being trained to bark to his toy. One of the handlers were holding his leash while the other one was teasing him to reach for his toy but she wasn't allowing him to get his toy before he barks for it. It was amazing to see Marco's behavior, he was so excited, then absolutely frustrated.

And that's exactly what they are trying to train them for. Bark for your toy. Because during their training, the toy represents a live person's scent. They are trained to go for a live person and the toy is their driving force. The pups we saw today were just the crazy dogs you will see out in the parks. Going for the toy all the time, always willing to fetch or to tug. We also watch them go thru a “down-low” period, where the doggies have to sit still on a platform for 6 minutes while the handlers try to distract them with toys, people and greetings. These pooches are hyper and being still for 6 minutes is pretty dam hard work.

Overall it was an amazing experience to see them work. It also felt so good to see the construction work they are doing at the training center. I know we contributed a great amount to their work and today felt like we absolutely made a difference in these shelter dogs lives, the handler's lives, and also a great deal to disaster relief efforts all around the world. I can't thank you all enough, I serioulsy almost cried today seeing “Run Bubbles Run” on the billboard in front of the welcome center.

I know sometimes life is overwhelming. Sometime we all feel like “What difference does it make?”. But it does. I feel so proud of my circle of friends, and also feel extremely lucky to have such greeat support that I will do anything I can do to support every one who is daring to challenge themselves to make this world a better place. We owe this to ourselves, and also to the rest of the world who is not as fortunate as us. I am really looking forward to my next adventure. I will order all the supplies on this Thursday for Aruba & Bonaire animal shelters. We'll make this world a better place, one step at a time, one person, one animal at a time. Lots of love. xo (you guys rock).


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