07 Jun 2013

Day 123 – 127

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Day 123 – 127
I am not sleeping much lately. I feel like if I don’t check my Facebook or Twitter, I am going to miss what’s happening in the world, especially what’s happening in Turkey. So every couple of hour, I wake up, a bit panicked, check my phone.

Since I was little, I always stood up against unfairness. It got me into trouble, but I always felt i have to speak up if things are not right, or I have to speak up for those who can’t (this explains my passion for animal rescue)

As Run Bubbles Run, my motto is “Dare to change the world, and inspire others to do the same.” That’s what’s happening in Turkey. This ad is full page published at NY Times today. People raised around $55k to create and publish this ad to get attention to what’s happening in their country. I find this astonishingly powerful and inspiring.

This is an example of what happens when you gather intellectuals, artists, students, mothers and fathers with no political agenda to stand against unfairness and double standarts. When non violent acts, and sense humor stand strong against brutal force, there is really not much violence can do. I wish the whole world can understand the sarcastic humor of the people who are protesting in Turkey. It’s amazing to witness how much creativity is born out of this chaos.

I am not sure if things are going to change. The thing is I think most people in Turkey are aware of that he may win again in an election. I think the main message here is to start a conversation. Not like us vs them. More like let’s just listen to each other, acknowledge the dispute rather then crush it. In the end, Turkish people adore their country and the culture that we share.
Stay strong, you guys are being awesome.
Lots of love.

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