02 Jun 2013

Day 117 – 122

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Day 117 – 122
Some of you may know, but most of you may not. I am from Istanbul, Turkey and for me Run Bubbles Run is a gateway to change this world and inspire others to do the same. I have been dealing with mixed emotions since Friday after waking up to a facebook page full of photos of my friends wearing scuba goggles, chased by the police while they were peacefully taking a stand to protect a gorgeous park in the middle of Istanbul. I got furious seeing the brutality my friends saw and experienced.

The brutality of the police force was the tipping point for lots in Turkey. Our prime minister has recently passed a series of deeply unpopular but tolerated laws. He pushed his people into a corner, and has kept pushing more and more. He locked all who criticized him (journalists, generals, artists, intellectuals…) into jail. His decision to demolish the park came out of nowhere with no consent of the general public.
The public has been standing strong day and night against the brutality of the police and fighting to be heard by everyone around the world while the turkish media refused to air the situation.

I have seen so much on facebook and twitter than anywhere else for the last couple of days. I have seen doctors and lawyers sharing the phone numbers in case if anybody need emergent assistance. I have seen wifi passwords being shared in case the government takes down the 3G network. I have seen people saving the swans and putting them in a safe place from a park in Ankara, I have seen people cleaning the streets, leaving food & water, and solutions for tear gas exposure, have seen people helping the stray dogs by cleaning their eyes and leaving clean water outside their doorsteps, I have seen photos of covered women banging pots and pans to join the resistance, I have seen brave young women standing in front of a water cannon or getting pepper sprayed…

I cannot express how proud I am about my people. If you ever been to Turkey, you probably know how caring everyone is. Everyone would look after each other, offer their help, open their doors to strangers. It’s just who we are, it’s our way of living. And that’s the picture we are showing to the rest of the world right now. Turkey is a place where you will see a rainbow flag next the headscarfs, you will see united soccer fans (who would usually be ready to fight each other in any game), you’ll see the old and the young doing whatever they can to support each other. I read somewhere today saying “Turkey is filling a political space that exists between Occupy and the Arab Spring; linking them like the bridges of Istanbul that span the continents”

It’s amazing to see how quickly we can make a stand and ask for change. In Istanbul and in other cities of Turkey people came from all different backgrounds, different ideologies, different religions. Making a stand. Proving that we have the power to make things happen. We are surrounded by compassion and solidarity. No brutality stopped the people to show their empathy for each other. Police chased them with pepper spray and tear gas and drove their tanks over and people offered them food in return.
Yet they still marched and keep marching.
So proud of my friends and my city.
The world is watching, and you guys are showing them how it is done.
By not using force, peacefully but united and strong.
Don’t give up, we are with you.
Lots of love from Vancouver, Canada.

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