12 May 2013

Day 98, 99, 100 & 101!

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Day 98, 99, 100 & 101!
First of all, can’t believe it’s been 100 days already. Second of us, I can’t believe I was grumpy enough to not write for the last 4 days. It was time for me get a taste of my own medicine, I ran in the rain. It’s a cycle; I feel down about the world’s events, about unfairness, unjustice, abuse and neglect… then I don’t go for a run. But actually all I need is to run. I fought all my fights, went over all of my issues and reminded myself all the goodness there is in this world. It’s mother’s day afterall.

I am fortunate enough to have my mom with me. I know there are a lot of people who are away from their mothers or lost their mothers, and these days are especially hard for them. And also, there are a lot of mothers in the world who are looking after their many many children in unfortunate conditions.
I cannot express how lucky I feel to have a mother like my mom raising me to become the person that I am today. Everything I am today was possible with her dedication.

It s a powerful to thing to have someone who believes in you no matter how crazy you sound or how insensible you act or how unbelievable painful you are. I was all of them. I wanted to be an astronaut, she didn’t laugh. I yelled at her during my horrible teenage years, she took it all. And when I finally got my act together and decided on what I wanted to achieve in life, she stood behind me. When you are 16 and say you want to do explosions in hollywood movies in a french catholic high school in Istanbul, there are a lot people who say: “sure you’ll do that.”

And almost 14 years later, here I am doing what I always wanted to do; exploding stuff for movies and creating oceans. It wasn’t a pretty road to get here, I had a lot of moments of thinking abandoning my dreams and giving in to my bad luck with things. If it wasn’t for my mom’s push, I don’t know where I would be today.
So here it is, I am lucky and grateful to have such a believing mom on my side. It’s something that I can never pay back.

To conclude tonite, imagine a world, where every woman has the freedom to decide when to become a mother, and imagine a world where every kid is fortunate enough to grow with their mother’s love… If you can teach a generation to love and to be loved unconditionally, wouldn’t that be the greatest thing in the world?
Sending you lots of love, happy mother’s day (all the fur babies mamas, wishing you a happy mother’s day too)

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