08 May 2013

Day 95, 96 & 97

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Day 95, 96 & 97
Rollerblading, running and Bar Methoding in order. I am absolutely taking advantage of the weather this week. Being outdoors is so refreshing and rejuvenating. Lately, the stress levels at work have risen again, and the work hours are getting longer and longer. Being able to fit some exercise to my day makes me a sane person. It’s like restart button for me. Feeling cranky and pissy? Go for a run! Half an hour later you will feel so much better.

I have been feeling down again lately. I know it’s due to the increased level of stress and lack of decent sleep. You know when you start to see everything so much darker and nothing feels hopeful enough? I think I read too many horrifying news stories online, and bumped into couple of facebook pages that were about hating dogs and animals in general. Those are the moment I feel like I may loose hope in humanity.

And you know what added on top? I reported a page on facebook that was showing animal abuse as a source of entertainment or something to be proud about saying it’s offensive and inappropriate. My request got denied. They are so quick to remove a photo of a gay couple because it can offend some people, but when it comes to cruelty I guess it’s not offensive enough…
Anyway, I am not going to spread my negativity around. It must stayed contained within me.

On the positive side of things; I am not sure if you watched the video THIS IS WATER narrated by David Foster Wallace. I so needed this video today. I urge you to watch it. We get so stuck in our own little bubble sometime and everything and everyone seem to be on our way. The routine of adult life can be tormenting, exhausting, frustrating… But it all depends on how we see and how we react to things. And it’s a decision. Are you going to be judgemental today and make up assumptions? Or are you going to understand and appreciate the life that happens around us?

Anyhow, I am going to leave it here tonite. On a side note, I am writing to couple of animal shelters in the Caribbean right now to see how we can help them from here. I will keep you all posted.
Sending you lots of love and remember to snap out of your bubble occasionally and embrace the life around you.

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