27 May 2013

Day 110 – 116

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Day 110 – 116
Double dutying today. I had Bar Method during my lunch break and then hit the road for a quick 3 miler with Lilo after work. Oh I must say it must have been the funniest run ever, Lilo had an epic dog life lesson: don’t mess with 2 mama Canadian geese. They were barricading the seawall looking after their little ones, I had to run thru them, but Lilo… she goes for them, and this time, she got attacked big time. It was so funny. I don’t think she’ll dare to cross them in the future.

I got some news since the last time I wrote (and it’s been a while!). First, got my cam replaced. It’s the 2012 version of my old one. We are ready to hit the mountain trails together. Second of all, I have been working 7 days straight for the last 2 weeks, but I am finally taking 2 months off this summer. I need to reset the system. I want to concentrate on my training, on my fundraising, on seeing my friends and family… I am planning to visit the Search Dog Foundation, take donations with me to shelters I’ll be visiting in the Caribbean.
I am absolutely stoked to have 2 months off to do good and be good.

To end tonite, I wanted to remind us all that we think making positive life changes is a straight line from beginning to where we want to go. But life gets messy (oh it does!) and our habits fall to the wayside. What do we do? We do NOT give up. Even if it feels discouraging, even depressing, just remind yourself to breathe. Give yourself a break. Take in the mess. We all have bumps on the road. Just get back on track and keep smiling. That’s all that matters!
Lots of love to you all! xo

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