16 May 2013

Day 102, 103, 104 & 105!

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Day 102, 103, 104 & 105!
Run, rollerblade, Bar Method, and don’t neglect writing… Lots of things happened within the last couple of day. I’ve got to cast my first vote as a Canadian. I have been waiting to be able to vote for a while since I am not able to vote for Turkish elections being this far away. The sad thing is, now both of my countries have governments that I am not supporting. It’s an odd feeling to be honest. Maybe one day everyone who is eligible to vote will stop being lazy and actually perform their civic duties. It’s the same story everywhere in the world.

Don’t know how many times people have to be told that “extremist will always vote while others won’t.” Anyhow, leaving the politics behind and trusting the good people to stand out and be more proactive to do good.
On a side note, my freezeproof, shockproof, waterproof camera is broken. It’s a sad moment for me since this camera has been my running buddy for so long now. It carries all the scratches from all the trail running we did together… I have couple more weeks until I am absolutely free to do trail running almost everyday.

The snow will melt, the trails will open and i’ll have time. Just perfect combination.
Tomorrow is Friday. I find since people are absolutely excited for the weekend, they feel more generous and happy. So maybe when you wake up tomorrow, while you read about all the madness and sadness in the world, help others who are working so hard to change things and make this messed up place a more functioning world. Support a friend who is fundraising for a cause, or join a movement yourself.
Tomorrow is Friday, it’s a feel good kinda day.
Lots of love. xo

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