24 Apr 2013

Day 82 & 83

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Day 82 & 83
Bar Method and a day off. Mid week day off feels pretty nice. A glass of wine, some candles and some yoga before bed time. I think yoga mats are the box equivalent for cats. As soon as I put the mat on the floor, 2 dogs appear on it… Everytime… I am planning on an early morning run tomorrow to have a fresh start to the day, these 2 last days have been a bit long and hectic. Need my reset by running. But quickly, I want to mention something. Yesterday was National Sovereignty & Children’s Day in my home country Turkey.

Ataturk (The founder of Turkey) dedicated the Turkish Republic to children. On April 23rd, Turkish schoolchildren take seats in the Parliament for the day and symbolically govern the country. Children’s festivals take place throughout the country. I am not sure if there are any national holidays dedicated to children anywhere in the world, but even for one day, think about how important it is to educate children and how important it is to protect their innocence and creative minds… I can go on forever, but going to finish it here. Just hug your kids even tighter tonite. Lots of love. xo

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