22 Apr 2013

Day 80 & 81

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Day 80 & 81
Bar Method and 4 miles trail run. It was such a glorious day today in Vancity. So mellow and fresh. A perfect day to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have access to clean air and fresh water. We live in a city where the air is so clear and the tap water is so delicious that it’s easy to take them for granted. There are lots of articles out there today, reminding us the importance of being green, being sustainable. And maybe even for a day, take some time out of your day to recognize the Earth’s beauty.

So how much do you care about the world we live in? The thing is, the Earth as a planet will continue to exist long time after we destroy its resources. It’s the people of Earth, I mean us, who need to have clean air to breath, we need to have the perfect temperature to actually exist. So yes climate change is a big deal. It’s not so much saving the Earth as it is saving ourselves.

We need to keep Earth liveable for our own sake. If you think about the entire universe, and how hard we try to find other life forms, we shouldn’t not take “life” for granted. It requires the perfect balance of molecules to exist. We need to work to maintain the Earth’s beauty and most importantly, its habitability.
And we have the power to make a difference, just by choosing what we eat. Join the party. Help the planet and have a great time by having a meatless day per week. Just once a week, cut out meat.

Side benefits will include greater health by decreasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and extra servings of joy and compassion that comes from eating well but keeping 50 animals a year off your plate. Easy! Boost your health, show compassion, save money, save animals, and save the planet… Just one day a week. Save Earth.
Go meatless one day a week.
Lots of love. xo

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