16 Apr 2013

Day 75

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Day 75
3 miles run with Vodka. I just really felt like running today. And felt like just running to enjoy being free and wild. No course, no pace and no distance in mind, I just felt like running as fast as I can keep up. I love when Vodka needs to push herself to keep up with me. Those are the runs that make you feel alive. I felt great feeling my legs, my arms and my lungs working. We take our health, our life for granted, but we really shouldn’t.

One of the things about why I love running with my 4 legged friends is that they never know the destination, or how fast we are going to go, how long has it been… They just enjoy the ride and take it all in. We forget that feeling. We worry about how we look, how much faster we want to be or how far we need to go before heading back home. Tonite, I just felt like I am so lucky to enjoy this freedom that I have in this beautiful city that I live in. I am healthy, and have the energy to be out there. It’s a gift people, don’t think it’s there forever.

So if you are reading this before going to bed tonite, just go for a run in the morning. No expectations. Just run and breath. Remember how fun it was as a kid to just run. Even if you go for like 15 minutes, feel your body and let all the worries fade away, enjoy the moment.
Once you start your day with a run where you just have fun and don’t feel like you are doing it because you have to, then believe me the rest of the day you are going to feel just amazing. And who doesn’t want to feel amazing? Leave your watch and phone at home. Just go out there and run! xo

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