15 Apr 2013

Day 74

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Day 74
I am a runner. I may not be the fastest or strongest runner. I may have not qualified this year for Boston. I dream about qualifying for Boston. I could have been crossing that finish line and my loved one would have been there waiting to watch me fulfill my dream crossing that finish line. This marathon is like the olympics of people like you and me, it’s for all the ordinary people who crave to explore the horizons of themselves. People run marathons for the simplest and purest reasons. Nobody runs a marathon to get rich.

Marathon running is a race against your own mind, against your own abilities. As a runner, I am shocked today. I know the feelings of joy and agony close to the finish line. The only thing you want is to see is your loved one and is to hug a volunteer who is giving your finisher medal.
As a humanitarian, I am outraged about the event, I am so angry. I believe in the goodness of human nature. Yes, there are a lot unfairness around the world, these kind of bombs get triggered around civilians, little kids all the time. But today I just couldn’t understand.

There is just a lot of symbolism in this attack and I just can’t stop thinking “Why?”.
On the flip side of this event, there are a lot of heartening stories about how kindness emerged from such grim tragedy. People running towards the the explosions to help, and of course the first responders. Working so close with search and rescue dogs last year, I am just speechless about the bravery of those people who react without fear to help others, sometimes risking their own lives in moment like these.
You end up seeing a glimpse of hope in the aftermath of these disasters.

Residents are offering their houses, food and water to the victims of the tragedy. You will see moments of love and unity. There is a lot of blood and tears today at the finish line of Boston Marathon. But also, there is empathy, and compassion for one another. If you need a “feel good” kinda of a thing, check out [I have a place to offer – Boston Marathon explosion]and see what evil cannot break.
You must not lose faith in humanity.
Sending all my love to Boston tonite. xo

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