10 Apr 2013

Day 69

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Day 69
Lunch time 3 miles run with Lilo. What a crazy day in Vancity today! I seriously woke up so angry to the rain, to the grayness of the day. It felt like January when I had to put on my wellies and put on doggies rain jackets this morning. Cold, wet and windy. Just yuck. So after ranting for couple of hours about the awfulness of the weather in Vancouver, something happened. The sun decided to join.

I had such an amazing lunch time run with Lilo that I can’t even believe it myself. Nice and warm, sunny with the gentle breeze. Soaked up the sun, breath the nice fresh air after the rain… i felt so rejuvenated. I really needed that and I think Lilo really needed it too. She is dealing with some separation anxiety lately. I have been working really long hours, and I think it’s messing up with her routine. So today it was a treat for her.

So, so far this week, even though it’s been hard, I have been able to keep track of everything. Not sure if I mentioned, but seems like the volunteering trip is probably going to happen in July or August. I think I am going to look into another trail race too… It won’t be a 30 miler this time.. yeah no way I am doing another 30 miler on the mountains for a while. Right now, I am just missing the wilderness… Soon enough. Maybe even this weekend for a nice long mountain run? I sure hope so!
Sending you all lots of love.
Have a great night! xo

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