30 Mar 2013

Day 56 & 57 and 58!

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Day 56 & 57 and 58!
Today’s entry required an exclamation mark because I haven’t been writing for the last 2 days! Not slacking, still did my 10km on Thursday then lunch time Bar Method both days. I am having trouble sleeping properly lately, and that’s been the issue with delayed posts. I am exhausted physically and mentally but there is no switch button to thoughts.
Things will calm down eventually, or I’ll adapt to the tempo. You need to push your limits to learn about yourself!

When life gets chaotic, you end up not having the energy to see your friends over a drink, or send that email to your family that you’ve been meaning to and the list goes on. It’s a sad cycle. But then there is your lifelong dreams that you are chasing. They require a lot of work, a lot effort… It’s not easy, and most of the time it is stressful and frustrating. Nobody said making dreams come true is easy! They always say “follow your dreams”, I think we should correct it by “chase or grab your dreams”.

On another note, I think I’ll be taking off end of June for my volunteering + vacationing trip. I am relying on you for your help on the last minute fundraising. Once I sort my work schedule and arrange a location, I’ll prepare a “wishlist” then we’ll go from there. Not aiming for the $10k this year, we’ll do as much as we can. And who knows maybe we’ll help some of the beauties to get adopted while I am there. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

I worked today, and be working tomorrow too. So I am going to end this 3 day worth of post here, and try to grab as much as spring weather in. Soak up the sun before it sets and catch it tomorrow morning when it rises back again.
Go out there and live the life you have imagined. Keep believing in your ideals and your values and make your dreams come true by holding onto them tightly.
Have a fantastic Saturday night my dear friends, I miss you and love you all.

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