27 Mar 2013

Day 55

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Day 55
6am Bar Method. Oh my morning was funny today. I had dinner around 5.30pm last night, so I was feeling pretty hungry going to bed but decided not to open the fridge door for a midnight snack. Anyway, I was dreaming about this noodle box, was holding it in my hands and was just about to have a bite then my alarm went off! I was like “Oh common!” I was going to be so satisfied if I was able to have a bite of those noodles before I wake up! 🙂
Anyway, I fulfilled my dream during lunch time. You have to fulfill your dreams!

It has been a long day for me, starting at 5.30am and finishing work at 11pm. Things are getting really busy and complicated in life again. But hey, despite all frustration, disappointment, failed attempts, you have to give all you got and kick some a**. Nothing happens when you sit back and accept those lemons that life is throwing at you. You have to throw them back!
Sending you all lots of love, see you tomorrow.

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