26 Mar 2013

Day 53 & 54

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Day 53 & 54
Since I have been a slacker (go ahead, tell it to my face), it’s going to be a long one tonite. My sincere apologies. Monday morning started with a 6am Bar Method and today is ending with a lovely moonlight run after work with Vodka.
By the way, I feel like more of you started running recently. So happy and proud of all of you who are going out and choosing the be active and playful. And to be honest, spring running is so peaceful.

My reason to skip yesterday; first it was Monday. And second I had to work really late at night and when you start your day (on a Monday!) @5.30am, you get a bit… you know, grumpy. Anyhow, until I have a race and a fundraising destination, I am feeling alright about double-featuring here and there.
And I think there is a really important subject matter to talk about tonite. Let’s talk about equality,fairness and justice for all.

First of all, I like to declare that I am someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage. So I am not defending the institution of marriage here. But the more outrageous thing that I like to talk about is discrimination. Like really, America, you think your families are better off with teenage pregnancies and almost “obliged” parenthood and marriages? And you think you are better off not allowing 2 people loving each other enough to spend the rest of their lifes legally together?

And how about human rights? I really think this is like some years ago where the religious and conservative people of US decided not to allow African Americans to their restaurants and treated them unfairly… and you know what’s scary, they still exist.
Ok let’s say, you think gay marriage ruins the concept of marriage and family. Let me draw you a picture of a father who is drunk and abusive, and a mother who just got pregnant and had to get married because her family is catholic.

What is better? Do you think the first scenario is better than 2 people who stood up against all opposition and decided to get married and put an effort to adopt or get pregnant?
So to all my gay & lesbians friends out there: you have ALL my support and I envy you for your desire to unite your lives thru marriage. It requires a lot of courage and effort. Don’t let the society or some coward people to take your rights away from you. Justice and equality, those are the values we all stand for.
And to those who are young and not sure about their future: it gets better. Be fabulous, be proud of who you are.
Lots of love. xo

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