18 Mar 2013

Day 45 & 46

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Day 45 & 46
Double featuring today once more. I haven’t been active for the last couple of days, taking it easy and seems like I slacked on my writing as well. I watched a really interesting talk the other day and the ideas are definitely worth sharing with the world. The talk is about the way people think about charities and how non profit sector is not able to keep up with the profit sector. The non profit sector on its own is a market for love, compassion and affection. And how can you monetize that?

We do have a belief system that keeps charities small compared to the massive issues that they are dealing with. We don’t want anyone working for a charity, making money by helping others but we are OK with somebody making millions not helping people. Basically, we give people 2 choices: you can do good for yourself and your family following a highly paid career or you can do good for others. The other aspect of the talk was about how charities spend their money and how people react to that. The whole demonized “overhead” issue.

We are ok cooperations throwing advertisement to us but we get annoyed if we think our donations are used for marketing. The overhead is used for growth, it’s used for fundraising to bring more money to the cause. A good example he had; invest $350.000 in fundraising rather than spending it on the cause, and in 3 years the donations add up to 554 times more than the initial investment. So what do you do? Do we lower the horizons of these charities and demoralize them, or ask about the scale of their dreams? Watch it here and drop me a line after about what you think. I am really curious. xo

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