16 Mar 2013

Day 44

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Day 44
Rollerblading with the girls. The pain on my leg is still there… I can’t find where it’s coming from but it makes me limp occasionally. So taking it easy, let’s see resting a bit makes a difference. I really don’t like injuries. Because I always go thru “5 stages of grief” over injuries. Deny, then get angry, then negotiate, fall into depression and finally accept the reality. So I am going to break the first step of denying by acknowledging the pain.

Writing everyday requires a lot of dedication and discipline. And somedays it brings accomplishment and somedays disappointment. I find myself writing about an issue that I really really care about and a message that I want to share with the entire world, and inspire others to take action. Somedays, nobody reads it. And there are days where I am not feeling inspirational, but those posts go viral somehow. So you see, it’s hard work to deliver a message to the world. You can’t give up on your cause just because there is no audience for it.

There are a lot of crap online, and just because we don’t get the audience that we dream of sharing the same goals with and change the world, shouldn’t stop people like you and me from delivering our message. “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke
So don’t give up on your ideals, on your goals. Be persistent even if you feel discouraged, disappointed. If you think things should be different, speak up, don’t keep it to yourself.
Have a great Saturday. xo

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