15 Mar 2013

Day 43

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Day 43
Woke up @5.56am for a 6am class… Yeah didn’t really work out. I went for my 7 miler instead with Lilo. It was actually a super nice morning, I ran all around the seawall, the sky was pink, the ocean was calm. It was blissful. A good way to start Friday. I think I enjoy my running days way more than before since every run is really specific and different. I concentrate more on myself, my breathing, my form. Just 3 days a week of running for a marathon training. You can do it too. Quality over quantity.

On this fine Friday, I want to share a thought that I read about online the other day. The power of “I don’t” vs “I can’t”. Interesting subject and interesting study. According to the study: “when participants framed a refusal as “I don’t” (for instance, “I don’t eat sugar”) instead of “I can’t,” they were more successful at resisting the desire to eat unhealthy foods or skip the gym.” I found this really powerful. “I can’t” relates to deprivation, while saying “I don’t” makes you feel empowered and in charge. “I don’t eat chocolate truffles” there you go.

“I can’t eat chocolate cake.” or “I don’t eat chocolate cake.” We are silly beings. We like being in control of our life and our decisions. Will power lasts for a while on its own but temptation is too sweet to resist. You should read more about it.
Anyhow that’s all for me for Friday.
I hope you have a fantastic night, and i’ll see you tomorrow.

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