14 Mar 2013

Day 42

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Day 42
Declared as this week’s rest day. I have some pain on my leg, so I am taking a day off to see if it goes away on its own. Couple of nice things happened today. First, I got a donation from a friend for Search Dog Foundation. It’s such a hopeful feeling to have people who feel generous and do something kind out of the blue without anyone asking them to do so. Hats off to kindness like that. And he donated last year to the same cause while I was actively fundraising. I also received my election listing in the mail today as a new Canadian.

I miss voting. I haven’t been back home for any elections in Turkey and I always felt like I am missing an important duty of my citizenship. I believe, every citizen has to vote no matter what. Everyone should be aware of the importance of expressing their opinions. Voting is the key to democracy. It’s how we people expresses our opinions. Just remember this: extremists will always and always vote.
Voting is your voice. It may be small, but millions of voices together can make an impact.

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