12 Mar 2013

Day 40

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Day 40. Lunch time 4miles speedwork with Vodka.
Getting better every week with these speedruns. One running tip from me to all who is doing speedwork runs; Count your breaths. It makes the distance feel shorter and it makes your lungs burning feel less annoying.
More important than that, I want to talk about the crisis in Syria tonite.
I am originally from Turkey and Syria is my one of my neighbors.

UNICEF is warning everyone about a possible “lost generation” of Syrian children. Just imagine that. A generation without a past or a past that doesn’t exist anymore and an unknown future… The population of Syria is young, and millions of children are suffering physical and physiological consequences of the war. it has been 2 years since the civil war in Syria. I have been to the border of Turkey and Syria and enjoyed the cultural mixtures between 2 countries. It breaks my heart to know that inside the war zone, the young have been killed, injured, left orphaned and traumatized.

Just because you don’t read it on the headlines every day doesn’t mean that this reality exists. We were so lucky to be born in a nurturing environment that I can’t even imagine the conditions that these kids are facing every day. These kids have been exposed to grave human rights violations, including killing and maiming, sexual violence, torture, arbitrary detention…So maybe you can do something to help UNICEF help them. Here is UNICEF Syria Crisis page. They need fresh funds for 2013 to look after these kids. One thing I believe in, is that kids and animals suffer from the decisions of the “elite”, and it’s our duty to help them strive better living conditions.

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