08 Mar 2013

Day 35 & Day 36

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Day 35 & Day 36
Allow myself to cheat. Combining 2 days in one entry. It happens, don’t judge me. And hey today is international women’s day. Day 35 was a lunch time Bar Method day and followed by a lovely evening of catching up with an old friend who is visiting (Hi Clare!) Day 36; is pretty amazing so far. I woke up early, debated in bed about if I should go for a run or pretend to sleep in… I am so glad that I managed to trick my brain to get up. It would have been a shame if I missed this glorious morning in Vancity.

New snow on the mountains, new moon, clear pinkish sky…then sun on your face. It doesn’t get prettier than that.
Today is International Women’s Day. I usually find these women specific days more sexist than they intend to be or more patronizing… But at the same time, I know I was born in a lucky environment where women are able to express their identity freely. I know I was lucky to have an education, especially a high level of education, I wasn’t forced to get married to an older man, or I wasn’t treated lesser than a man.

So to me, International Women’s Day is all about recognizing that not every culture treat their girls, their women the same way. There are still a lot of countries where young girls are not allowed to go to school, they get raped and forced to get married.
All the ladies who are living a comfortable life where they can express themselves and pursue their goals: just acknowledge that not every woman is lucky as us, and try to do something for to change that. Think about all the young girls like, Malala Yuosafi, who fight for their right to education. Promoting women’s equality is a critical step to preventing the collapse of our civilization.

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