06 Mar 2013

Day 34

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Day 34
6am Bar Method. I am glad I am up early this morning, I have a lot of paperwork to go thru before going to work, at least I am pretty awake after a class of intense booty work!
Anyhow, today I just wanted to write about the importance of search and rescue dogs and also remind everyone how amazing National Search Dog Foundation’s work is.
I am sharing the photo of a newly certified search team. Search & Rescue dog training is extensive, exhaustive and intense for both the animal and the trainer. However, the reward is a remarkable animal that is extremely valuable in terms of saving human lives.

National Search Dog Foundation rescues dogs from shelters and train to become search and rescue dogs; So others may live.
The Search Dog Foundation looks for a specific type of dog, one that would “surely be euthanized” because they’re so hyper and out of control. These pooches have a nonstop drive to play that compels them to dig up backyards and ransack houses… Even loving, active households can rarely accommodate them.
The Search Dog Foundation scours animal shelters for some of the worst-behaving dogs you can imagine.

And after rigorous training, they enter the ranks of the most elite search and rescue dogs in the world.
Don’t just think of disasters. There are people who decide to take a hike into the wilderness unprepared and get into trouble. There are people who set out as prepared as can be, but accidents happen nonetheless. Think about avalanches and climbing accidents…
So maybe if you feel like you are pretty lucky, probably never experienced a natural disaster, read about their work and what they go thru in times of panic.
Read more here And who knows, maybe you will feel generous and donate to their cause.
Lots of love. xo

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