03 Mar 2013

Day 31

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Day 31
7am snowshoeing with the girls, then 4 miles tempo run in the afternoon. Oh we had a blast on the mountain this morning with the girls. I woke up early, drove to Cypress. We were there at 7am, first car to park -it’s a rare thing believe me. I let the girls run and be wild since we were the only ones on the snowshoe trails. It was a blast, the sun was shining, clear blue sky, me and the girls just enjoyed the snow before the city woke up. Annnd, they slept for the rest of the day in the sun at home. Not bad eh?

If I can’t be at Napa Valley running my marathon in the wine country, I thought I’ll just take advantage of this beautiful city Vancouver… snowshoe in the am, then run around the water in the afternoon. It just doesn’t get any better than that. For those who hasn’t been to Vancouver, yeah it rains all the time, yeah it’s gray… but when the sun is out, there is no limit to things you can do around the city. Running, biking, kiting, climbing, snow shoeing, snowboarding, patio drinking…

So before the winter is over, take advantage of all the hot chocolate, soup, hot showers, your warm bed, indoor quality time infront of your favorite tv show and of course SNOW! Before you know it, it’s going to be spring time.
So before the end of this week, think about what you have done and what’s ahead. Remind yourself that what others think is irrelevant, and sometimes it’s ok to be alone and pull back from the world. As long as you never loose sight of what truly matters, never give up on your dreams and goals. Love you all, xo.

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