02 Mar 2013

Day 30

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Day 30
10 miles long run in the afternoon. What a day for kiteboarding in Vancity! The wind was unbelievable. I am still not brave enough to face the Canadian waters in March but I have seen couple of kiteboarders having a blast in the city. I had to run against the crazy wind for 5 miles. It felt like whenever I take a new step, I was going backward, or like being on a treadmill. My way back home was delightful with the wind pushing me forward with every step.

This weekend, I was supposed to be in Napa Valley, getting ready and excited for my marathon tomorrow. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready. I am not going to talk about all my excuses -ok maybe some- late hours, some family problems delayed my training so here I am looking at Napa Valley course map, feeling envious.
I am on track now, eyeing for the next marathon where I will be way faster. That’s the goal. I was actually much faster than my training pace yesterday, which feels pretty nice to be honest. Early hours will pay off, eventually.

Life is about setting your goals high and not stopping until you get there.
As I mentioned before, this weekend is going to involve lots of de-cluttering in the house. I must take control over my desk before it gets completely out of control.
I hope you had a fantastic Saturday and did something worth wild.
Lots of love to you all.

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