01 Mar 2013

Day 28

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Day 28
Lunch time gym! Crazy stuff! I never go to the gym, I am such a tourist at the gym! i slept in this morning, woke up @4am then decided (yeah really) not to leave the bed and it was 7 when I actually woke up. My motto is “no matter what, sweat every day” so I went to the gym during my lunch break. The gyms smell funny, but hey, I sweated.
Last day of February, it feels like it was just new year’s eve and look, it’s been 2 month already! 2013 is going fast.

I hope you are keeping up whatever resolutions you made in December. Because winners never quit and quitters never win. And the resolutions should not be just selfish things, like loosing weight, stop smoking etc. I believe it should involve changing your way of living your life, it should involve not waisting your time anymore. Spend more time with people who give you more positive energy, abandon your energy sucking people around you. Don’t spend any more time with dysfunctional people and situations.
Command your own choices. Own your life.

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