27 Feb 2013

Day 27

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Day 27
6am Bar Method. I am sore. My hamstrings are killing me right now. I wanted to do some yoga tonite, then I felt like I can’t really bare any more activity today. I slept for half an hour during lunch time, just like a kid.
Today, it’s been 2 years since I lost my great-grandma. It is strange how it feels. It feels like it’s been ages, but at the same time, it feels so recent. She was real close and dear to me and I miss her presence very very much.

I think about the things that we used to do together. Some unique stuff. She taught me how to play backgammon, and definitely taught me that she is the lucky one in backgammon and I had to learn to loose over and over again.
She used to cook this dish when I was young, we used to call it “cici papa”, now I know the rest of the world call it “french toast”. Whenever, she was on babysitting duty or looking after me, she will make me sit in front of the TV with a tray full of “cici papa” and jams, cheese etc.

Then we’ll watch “Bold and Beautiful” together. Oh great-grandma (or “nenos’ I used to call her), you won’t believe it, the show is still on with the same characters! They got so much botox that they can’t even smile! I watch it here and there and think about those days when we used to sit together and laugh at them.
I am so happy I had a chance to grow up having you around. Teaching me how to cook a proper meal, I mean, a real meal, the Turkish way… Calling Vodka and Lilo to your window and throwing them cookies from the sky… I have so many memories that make me smile every time I think and reminiscence about the past.
Love is immortal.
And I will love you forever.
Have a good night folks.

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