25 Feb 2013

Day 24

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Day 24
Midday hot yoga. It’s been a busy busy weekend. Lots happening today; the oscars, brunch with friends, gathering in the rain to raise awareness and showing solidarity. After watching the oscars last night, I decided to write about the importance of appreciation in our life.
I do visual effects for movies in my daily life and it’s something I love doing. No question about it. For those who is not in this industry, we make pretty pictures and make people believe in movie magic.

How do you define appreciation? appreciation: ap·pre·ci·a·tion 1.gratitude; thankful recognition. Something so simple but yet mostly forgotten. Let’s think about what messages we are sending when we don’t appreciate someone’s efforts versus when you do care about what they are doing. When you don’t care what other people are doing, you are basically telling them that what they are doing doesn’t matter all that much to you. When you acknowledge people’s contributions and efforts, that’s a completely different story. It shows the person that what they are doing is really important to you.

And I mean, that must mean what they’re doing is creating a lot of value for some group of people, right?
How to show appreciation? Simple. Showing your appreciation is to carry the message to the other person that you appreciate something they have done for you. Honestly, just saying it sincerely is sufficient to deliver the message, nobody needs to get flowers delivered to their office.
Love you all. xo

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