24 Feb 2013

Day 23

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Day 23
Snowboarding @Whistler Blackomb. You may think I was slacking yesterday by not posting. But in fact, we woke up @4.30, walked the doggies, then drove to Whistler to be there @8. That was early even for me. It was all worth it, amazing powpow day before the crowd showed up. Sunny sky…
Ollie says I should write about getting out of our comfort zone and pushing our limits, because today was one of those days for me.

I really enjoy snowboarding, but I don’t leave my comfort zone, I don’t feel comfortable doing things I havent done before, because I am afraid to fail. When you have someone telling you: “you get up @5am in the rain to go for a run, you ran an ultramarathon, how come you’re so afraid of trying?” Yeah, it doesn’t add up. So I decided to leave my comfort zone to explore these new areas of the mountain I haven’t dare going before and I complained and huffed & puffed, but in the end, it felt pretty amazing to push my limits and see the reward.

When you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone, there is a brand new experience waiting for you, almost a new way of seeing things. I promise myself to do things that I am afraid of failing at. I don’t like not achieving things but that should never stop me from trying them in the first place.
You never know what you are capable of doing until you try.
There is no excuses for being average.
Lots of love. xo

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