16 Feb 2013

Day 15

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Day 15
Lunch time 3miles run. What a lovely day today in Vancouver! It feels like spring is own its way! The whole city was out and about. I haven’t done many lunch runs before, it always feels a bit rushed but it worked out fine in the end. I mean, having the sun was just blissful.
And talking about being blissful, I am quiet happy that we didn’t get hit by a meteor over here. I was hoping for Optimus Prime to show up, I’ll keep wishing. Or maybe they are here?

I guess the whole event made us think about how small we are compare to the universe. I am sure you all have seen the Size of the Universe developed by Cary Huang. Visual guidance helps us understand the scale of things much better.
Why do we worry, stress out and feel frustrated in our ordinary life? These kind of events -same as after all natural disasters- make us stop and think of the big picture. Where do we fit in the universe? Compared to the forces of the nature, we’re itsy bitsy little creatures.

When you think about the big picture, our daily worries are just so small and pointless. I think it’s better to lighten up and not take things too seriously all the time. Let the daily worries go away, and do the things you always wanted to do but never have time to do it. Do not procrastinate anymore. We are part of an ever expanding festival of energy; take part in it, don’t just let it go by.
Lots of love.

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