11 Feb 2013

Day 11

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Day 11
Taking a stat holiday break and not doing any physical activity today. Rest day, it’s an important thing. It’s our first family day in BC. Coming from a small family, I have always been really close to my family. Now I am living in a different country, creating my own little family surrounded by love, friendship and mutual respect.
I think there are couple of values, or principles that should surround a family life to create that strong tight connection between the members of the family.

It is important that everyone in the family feel that they are loved, that they matter. We tend to be more courageous if we know we have a safe place to come back to when things don’t quite work out. Family members should respect one another; meaning acknowledging and valuing everyone’s thoughts, feelings and contributions to the family as a whole. And also without honesty within members, a deeper connection will not form and certainly won’t last. If you can have an open communication within your family members, I will salute you. Being able to share hopes, dreams, fears and successes without judgment is a virtue.

I find the definition of family is a difficult one to describe. Sometimes, you feel this deep compatibility with certain people that they become family and sometime that connection can feel more real than a blood relationship that we were born into. That’s life. I realize now that family is a concept which is capable of extending far beyond blood.
Unconditional, un-judgmental love and all compassionate acts create the core of the family. And now cheers to that.
Lots of love,

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