19 Sep 2012

One month AFTER

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One month AFTER

I knew I can’t write this post without going for a run beforehand. It’s been a month with no running; putting on my running shoes (oh my dear running shoes) felt absolutely nostalgic. They were still covered with mountain dust, sweat and tears… It felt great to be out again. I have been rollerblading and biking lots since the race but to be honest I can’t wait to go back to running. Especially winter running.

Since last month, I have been sleeping lots, eating like a normal person, and I finally managed to catch up with lots of friends and family that I have been neglecting.
I miss this though. I miss writing and letting it all out. It feels like there are still too much sadness in the world, too much unfairness, not enough compassion and not enough connection between people.
Still too many disasters all around the world, corruption in politics, Arctic melting, animals being abused, killed… My list is long. Sometimes it’s really hard to let it go.

However, I wrote all the names of people who donated to Search Dog Foundation today. THAT’s a long list as well. A list of people who cared, who took the time to support others who are doing something to save lives.
My birthday is this Sunday. My friends and family ask me what I want for my birthday. You know what I want? I want you guys to donate to a charity that you pick, that you believe is doing something worthy. We are lucky to have the freedom and the income to have anything we need/want. We buy things, but then try to get rid of them later… We don’t need things.

I don’t want this have a downer feeling at all. There are more and more people taking over in doing something to change the world. More friends are choosing to be active for a cause. I love seeing the bubble grow. Inspiration is contagious, and it feels good. Find makes you, you. Tell yourself and others: “This is who I am, these are my values”. And then see who’s around you when you start building a network of friends whose values align with your own. Most of us are quiet but its in us to be good and to care about others.

So until next time my dear friends,
I am going to keep on going, on running, on fighting for better animal rights & for more fairness all around the world. I am going to miss writing.
Go out there. Do something. Build some momentum by doing something small every day.
Getting yourself to start is the hardest part.
You can change lives. You can change the world.
Dare to change it, and inspire others to do the same.
Sending you all lots of love.

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