03 Aug 2012

16 Days to go

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16 Days to go

I have been craving to do this run for couple of weeks now. I went to the Clevelend Dam on Capilano Canyon, it is one of my favorite runs in this city. The environment is so mesmerizing, the trail is so fun that I feel like I need to go back there once a week.
I managed to sneak in a 4miles run after work, right before the sun was going down behind the mountains. Pure beauty.

It is amazing to see how the water level changed since my last run there. The dam was quiet, the canyon was tamed. The crazy, strong flow is gone, I guess all the snow on the mountains is gone as well.
When you experience such change in nature, it makes you feel so small, like a spot in the universe. There is a flow of things in the nature, a balance. I just feel lucky to be able to escape to such environment after work in Vancouver. It’s like a mini getaway from the city, but the city is only 15 minutes away…

I only have 16 days to go before this race. I am pretty sure I will miss the trails in the winter. Once you get used to running the trails, the road running feels dull. Sure thing, I like experiencing a new city on the road, but nothing beats the quietness and wilderness of the trails.
It hasn’t been an easy experience to switch from road to the trails but I am so glad that I suffered the beginning part where I got lost, felt nervous or scared. It made me stronger. I feel more adventurous and less scared now.

Ok enough about how I feel.

I sent an email to Search Dog Foundation asking about their gift naming. Fingers crossed, if we reach $5000, we can have Run Bubbles Run (and everything we stand for) on a bench at the Welcome Center for the National Training Center for Search Dogs. Did I say fingers crossed? Double them up.

I know you guys are getting tired of all the things that I am posting recently, trust me writing a blog everyday for the last 5 months hasn’t been easy for me as well. But you know what, it’s worth the effort.
So on our last 16 days, if you haven’t chipped in, please consider doing so. Please think about the satisfaction you will feel when you read on the news that somebody got rescued by a search and rescue dog after a disaster or a terrorist attack.

If you have already donated, thank you so much for your support. I am so grateful to have you on my side. If you can think of somebody who would be interested in contributing as well, please share the news with them.

We are in this all together, and your presence makes it so much easier for me.
Sending you lots of love.

Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day for a chance to win an Icebreaker goodie bag. You have until 6pm Pacific time to donate!

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