08 Aug 2012

10 Days to go

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10 Days to go

What do we do when life gives us lemons? Throw them away right?
I am not sure why I am feeling so anxious, and frustrated today but today was one of those days… We all get frustrated with things during the day, but like today I got so upset because my plant at work is not doing good, then I read the news about the beluga passing away at Vancouver aquarium; for some reason, it just added up.

I think deep down I am really stressed about the race, about the unknown. I really want to reach $5000 before the race, that is always on my mind as well.. Even though I know we did pretty good with the current total. I get angry for being stressed because of the things that I am stressed about. Then I came home, the sun was shining into our apartment. I have my loved-ones with me. Lilo laying down on the floor next to my hand… I thought “you know what, this is the most important thing right now”.

Trying to appreciate what we have is hard sometimes. But worrying and fearing about the unknown dont make life any better. And life can be pretty damn short as well… So throw away your lemons, and enjoy this evening. I will.
Thanks for sharing this journey with me. I hasn’t been easy and it’s still not, but in the end, it’s going to be freaking awesome.
Lots of love to you all as always,

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