17 Jul 2012

33 Days to go

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33 Days to go

Hey look at that, I ran 6km at 6.30am this morning. As I mentioned yesterday, today is a bit cooler than the previous days, still like %96 humidity but well at least it was below 30 degrees. I got lost in the forest, but managed to feed 2 strays dogs while I was lost. So at least I feel good about feeding the hungry. But the humidity is like running and doing hot yoga at the same time. I don't I produced this much sweat in so little time before.

It's always strange to come back to your childhood house. When I said I was a good swimmer, I wasn't lying. My dad organized all my medals in my room, restored them a bit. It made me feel real nostalgic. Now I am going to go thru my closet to donate my cloths, and my toys that I left behind. I hope they will make some other kid happy.

I am going back home tomorrow. The 5 day adventure in istanbul is almost over. Istanbul will always be home, I love this crazy mad town. But it always feel like going back home to Vancouver as well. I love my new home too. I will be posting some nice running photos tomorrrow. I think it will surprise some of you.Sending you guys a big hug.Please remember to be kind to other living beings. It feels good to help.

By the way, that's Honey, she is my sister, she turned 12 this year.

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