17 Jul 2012

32 Days to go

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32 Days to go

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Obviously, I am getting old and my ability to adjust to weather changes diminished. Heading back to Vancouver this afternoon. I am going to gain my day that I lost flying over here. So double Wednesday!

I knew it was a it too much to ask to do so much in so little time and deal with long flights and time difference. I don't have the luxury of getting sick now there is only a month left until the race. I do have a long run this Saturday so I am going to take it easy before my 15 hrs long journey back to Vancity.

So the photos are from my run yesterday around the Belgrade Forest. A bit of history about this place; the forest was the main water rescource for Istanbul for centuries and this, built in 1563 by Suuleyman the Magnificient, has the most impressive aqueducts, reservoirs and dams there.

Love running where there is so much history!Anyhow, I should pack and have my last Turkish breakfast before coming home.See you guys soon.

Lots of love for the last time from Istanbul. xo


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