28 Jul 2012

21 Days to go

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21 Days to go

5.30am 26 miles run.
Oh that was long. It was my longest run ever so far since last year’s LA marathon. It felt like it’s never going to end. It took me quiet a long time to run it too. I dreamt of a lot of things. One of them was a cold, actually extremely cold, big refreshing bottle of beer… And I stopped by the liquor store before heading home after my run. Oh delicious cold carbs.

Not sure if you guys heard the term “hitting the wall” in long distance running, but i keep hitting that thick wall around mile 16. It’s like “doink doink doink!” my legs refuse to move, and I feel like I am banging my whole body against a brick wall. It’s awful, I hate that feeling but it goes away if you push yourself for another 10 minutes or so. 10 freaking dreadful minutes…

I hope I won’t suffer too much tomorrow, it feels like my back and my calves are going to feel it a bit. I didn’t really have a rest today, I have been craving and drinking beer since the run. Not feeling any guilt about it either 🙂
Anyhow I just wanted to thank all of you who are participating in the draw. It’s going to be exciting, it makes me happy to see more people being interested and active in the cause.
Fundraising is hard, it’s a full time job. I fee like once this is done, I am going to have so much free time.

So we have 6 days to go until the draw, so keep those donations coming. You will get a chance to win one of the goodies bags from Icebreaker.
And I feel like writing this quote once more since I believe in it dearly: “If you help others, you will be helped, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in one hundred years, but you will be helped. Nature must pay off the debt. It is a mathematical law and all life is mathematics.” ~G. I. Gurdjieff
Lots of love to you all. Your support means the world to me.

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