11 May 2012

99 Days to go

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99 Days to go

Wow, 2 digit days start today.
What a crazy Friday today. It was supposed to be my last day on this project. The project being Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. It’s going to be a good movie but oh boy it’s been a long one. Anyhow, I just need to go for couple of hours tomorrow and maybe couple of hours more next week. I need my regulated, normal life back.

And today, apparently there was a fire on our building 30th floor.

The girls, especially Lilo doesn’t handle the sound of the fire alarm at all. Even if I am at home, they start yelping and they try to hide. So when I heard that our building was on fire, imagine my panic… On such a lovely Friday evening in Vancouver. I rushed back home to see couple of fire trucks and loads of fire fighters blocking the entrance of our street.

Finally after 45 minutes I was able to go upstairs to save Vodka and Lilo. Poor things were hiding underneath our dining table. I took them to the balcony so that they can get some fresh air. Lilo was still yelping after 15 minutes…

The idea of that life can change in the blink of an eye is scary. And it’s now even our fault most of the time. It’s either somebody else’s mistakes, bad decisions, or mother nature. I am putting my sticker on our door saying there are dogs inside and please rescue them in case of emergency. The idea of loosing my girls is just scary.
They seem to calm down a bit now. I don’t think they opened all the elevators just yet, so we are stuck in the apartment for a bit. I should have gone for a run in the morning. Unfortunately I only slept 4hrs last night… argh.

I know most of you won’t be reading this tonite. It’s Friday afterall. Sending you guys a big hug and please appreciate every moment. Most of us don’t appreciate these precious moments until they are passed.

Follow your instincts, get involved with friends who share the same aspirations as you do. Sharing mutual goals and aspirations is quite inspiring.

Lots of love. xo
Happy Friday world. I am stuck in my apartment, go have fun for me.

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