12 May 2012

98 Days to go

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98 Days to go

Midday 7 miles run. I had to cut my run short since I needed to pick up Lilo from work. She was at work with Ollie. All the attention, new smells, and new environment make her so excitable. She is passed out now. I took Vodka to the beach in the morning, we had a blast. She can just swim forever.

I hoping to fit a nice long trail run tomorrow. I am taking mom for brunch in the morning (Hello mom!) then I need to stop by at work for couple of hours. I should be able to sneak my run in the afternoon. I miss the wilderness. Running 30 miles around the trails up and down still scares me and challenges my mind. But couple of years ago the idea of running for 2 hours sounded impossible, then running for 4 hours was just crazy but now I know I can do that. So I hope this race is going to make me feel so much stronger mentally and physically.

When running against all elements and when you know your body is too tired, there’s only one thing that can help you, your mental toughness! I try to fill my mind with plenty of good thoughts and encouragement. Staying away from negative people help as well. I don’t need any negative energy in my life, no thank you. I believe in using upbeat words. Like I know we will reach $10000, and sponsor a dog. That’s why the pain is so worth it. Getting up early is so worth it.

I was digging into old photos today, and I found a photo of me and my first stray dog Lucky. Here is mini Bubbles with Lucky. My little monster. I miss you.
I hope you are taking advantage of this beautiful day outside.
Live in the sunshine, believe in yourself even though nobody else does.
I hope you feel generous today to donate for my cause. It will make my day.

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