14 May 2012

96 Days to go

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96 Days to go

Monday off day. Even though it’s my off day, the idea of missing one run last week drives me crazy, makes me feel absolutely guilty. I feel like I am disappointing all of you, failing on my goal. I rollerbladed to work today to kind of compensate, but I know you don’t buy that. Working 7 days a week 10hours a day is hard work. I know my brain is tired because I am having difficulties thinking in English; my Turkish creeps in, words get jumbled up.

I am still doing Meatless Monday and today I decided to have a smoothie for lunch. Bad idea. I got so hungry during the day, a bowl of cornflakes saved me. So tonite, I made myself a whole grain pasta with mushrooms and chickpeas. I also grated the vegan cheese (which I really don’t like) and added some fried shallots. Really delicious. I like Meatless Mondays. One small step to save the world. You should give it a try too.

I know not a lot of you feel generous on Mondays, you guys all glad that it’s over.

But if you think about it, one donation will make me and those crazy search dogs extremely happy and you will feel better about your day knowing that you are making a difference or just helping out a friend.
So what do you think? Should I take another photo of Lilo with bigger puppy eyes asking you to donate for her furry friends?
Just remember this, shelters are forced to put down unrescued dogs every single year (about 4 million annually). Lots of love, xo

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