15 May 2012

95 Days to go

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95 Days to go

5.30pm 4 miles run with Lilo. Oh you can’t believe how much I missed the trails. I took my running dress for a spin too, it’s really pretty and really comfortable 🙂 I worked half day today, took my mom for a tea since it’s her birthday. Happy birthday again mom! And finally I felt relaxed for the first time for a long time, and took a 2hour long nap this afternoon. Yeah I know, 2 hours!

From now on, I will concentrate more in my fundraising, and try to spread the word online/offline. I know it’s still 95 days away but I would really like to hit the $1000 mark. I have 22 miles (!) to run this Saturday! Ouch.
I know we are all worried about our own families, taxes, and bills and why would anyone want to give money to help strangers or animals. If you think about it, according to Darwin’s evolution theory, if we are all in competition with every other, then how can we explain men and women running into burning buildings to save the lives of strangers?

Helping others, even when it costs us dearly, is simply part of being successful social animals: Despite our nature to compete, we ultimately find it pays off to be generous. “Warm glow” is defined as the rush of self-satisfaction and sense of purpose one experiences after committing support to a worthy cause. The reason we give money, is that it makes us feel good.

Doesn’t it?
I’ll keep running, I hope I’ll have your support with me along the way.
Lots of love to you all.

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