16 May 2012

94 Days to go

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94 Days to go

3pm 4 miles run with Vodka.
I think I am officially off from work. I still go in the mornings to check on things but having the rest of the day to myself is just bliss. I had breakfast with mom, then I had the whole afternoon to myself. A mid day run is actually quiet nice. And also I am finally able to sleep properly; I find an hour long afternoon nap just divine.

I just had too many things that I have been postponing for a while and now it’s time to make all of them happen.

I am taking the girls to the vet tomorrow; let’s see we’re trying a new one. They usually turn into monsters whenever we go to the vet so I need to try to be a bit more zen with them.

And my dear friends that I haven’t see for ages; I am available for all kinds of breakfast/coffee/lunch/drinks/dinner dates. I miss you all. Let’s hang out and catch up on life. I have one month off before I start my new project. I will be fitting a lot of trail running into my training during my time off. I should take advantage of having the extra time to drive somewhere during the day.

This is it from me today. Now I am going to pour myself a glass of German Riesling and sit outside in the balcony with the girls and catch the last bit of the sun.

Sending you guys a big hug and wishing you a fine evening.

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