17 May 2012

93 Days to go

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93 Days to go

3pm 4 miles solo run.
What a busy day today. I always laughed at people who said they didn’t have enough time during the day while they are not actually working. But I must say, I finally finished all the things I wanted to do today, and still have things to do on my list.
I finally went to the storage room to get our summer clothes out. If I ever ever say I need more dresses, somebody please slap me.

I think I have a dress for every morning, every afternoon and for every evening of the summer. Seriously… I knew I have a lot, and good thing they are really compact but oh boy, I don’t need anything new for this summer. Dresses and heels, and of course my running gear. Summer 2012 is sorted.
I love declutterizing, I have been doing that a lot lately. Too many old documents, old things that were taking so much space in my life. It’s so rejuvenating to let things go. I refuse to let things be; I like change, I like being open to new experiences and creating room for that.

That’s why, form time to time, we just have to let things go… Dealing with clutter isn’t just a physical process, it’s also emotional. Sometimes when you want clean up too fast, you feel an emotional backlash that makes you feel guilty. But remember, clutter can negatively influence specific areas in your life. Clutter indicates a lack of control. It affects the way you think, act and feel; sometimes without you even realizing it. It makes me feel absolutely chaotic.
Anyway enough with the good organized housewife talk.

I took a photo of our new vet, she is going to Botswana in Africa in July to provide veterinary care for those who cannot afford it. She is super sweet and her trip proves another reason to appreciate her for her values. The girls really liked her too so that’s a plus.

Thank you all for supporting me on my runs. 22 miles is my next scheduled run on Saturday. I see a lot of pastas in my future to prep for that.
We only need $175 to reach $1000; maybe this weekend?
Sending you all lots of love. xo

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