19 May 2012

91 Days to go

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91 Days to go

6.30am 21 miles solo run.
Well that was long and painful. I took a really urban path today. I ran around 10th street up till UBC then back on the beach and then back up on the hill to hit 8th all the way back to Main st. I was dead. Seriously, not funny, this was the longest training run I have ever had in Vancouver.

My knees were so tired after climbing the hill to UBC that I felt this tingling on my right hand finger tips. Such a weird feeling! It made me feel these little electric shocks here and there.
Well during my run, I was hoping that you guys will donate for my cause and I wished that all this suffering is worth it. I woke up at 6am on a Saturday. All the sacrifices that you do when you commit to something bigger than yourself… It was the first time Ollie and I had a Saturday together and I was out running until 11am 🙁 I know to me it’s worth it and I know he supports me along the way.

It’s a big commitment for me, the way that I need to live my life to be able to run is really different than my normal self.
We were talking about all the hard work that goes behind the scene with Ollie and he made me realize what was really important during this training and fundraising process; even if we can’t reach $10000 to sponsor a dog, the idea that we contribute just a little bit, maybe like %1 to saving somebody else’s life, the training and the donation are so worth it.

He was saying that donating makes him feel responsible for saving that person’s life because he contributed to, even %1 of that dog’s training to save that life. So true. Sometimes, I get lost in my own goal and my own ambitions to reach my goal. But in the end, it’s our support that counts.
I hope you can see that tonite as well. It’s not the amount you donate or how many miles I run to inspire you. It’s all of our efforts to raise awareness and all our support that counts and that saves lives in the end. I hope you can see that.

Sending you a big hug and lots of love.

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