21 May 2012

89 Days to go

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89 Days to go

Monday, off day. Such a lazy day today. I slept in too. So unusual of me. I woke up around 8 to walk the girls, then went back to bed to sleep until 10.30am. Crazy. I feel really rested that’s for sure. Running makes you listen to your body more. You get a feeling what you should be doing in terms of resting or taking it easy.

We got brunch at Market inside Shangri-La today. Really delicious food. I will recommend it for breakfast/brunch. Really friendly service as well. I am a little breakfast/brunch posh; I like having good food for my first meal of the day. It’s the most important meal for me. I think I can eat breakfast food for any kind of meal as well.

I was reading an article today and it was about giving up certain things we do in life to feel happier. I’ll outline couple of them.

-Give up the habit of blaming; basically nobody wins when you blame others. It doesn’t help you and it just creates more unnecessary stress and it costs too much energy to be honest.
-Give up the need to impress; accept your flaws and strengths. Know your vulnerability, feel more comfortable with your own skin. Just stop caring so much about everyone thinks of you.
-Give up being a victim; just take control of your life. Bad things happen to all good people. Life can be unfair, but we just need to move on.

-Give up feeling entitled; see positive things as bonuses points rather than owed expectations, you will be happier.
-Give up pretending; Don’t try to show the world that we are flawless hoping that we will be liked and accepted. Our beauty lies in our deep complex emotions and in our humaness. Be authentic rather than being perfect.
Thank you all who donated this week. We are only $125 short of reaching $1000 which is the cost of partnering a search dog and the handler.
Lots of love, xo

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